Outi Kuittinen
Superpowers: empathy towards large groups of people and taming complexity into a doable process.

Back in 2012, I and a group of others co-founded the Koulu School peer-to-peer learning model as a festival for 800 people, of which 200 were peer teachers. For that, we developed a way for people to discover their inner teacher and turn their passions into good lessons. The power it unleashed has taken us to a desert in Nevada and a school in Nepal . In work life I'm head co-creation at Demos Helsinki think tank, which means that my job is to develop ways to make people work together for shared goals.

Anssi Laurila
Superpowers: coming up with crazy and seemingly absurd ideas and then making them actually happen.

Burning man Regional Contact for Finland since 2014. I have almost a decade of experience with organizing electornic music events and have spent the past four year at Aalto Design Factory working on various innovation projects. Combine those two and you will find a good fit for Burning Man related activities. In 2015 I initiated and co-lead the Aalto on Fire projects that took a part of Finnish national heritage to the Black Rock City that turned into an epic story that we still keep on writing. 

Andrew Clutterbuck
"Me? I know who I am. I'ma dude playing a dude disguised as another dude."

Armed with the powers of randomology and shenanigin things generally lead to crazy left field projects and initiatives that hopefully more often than not have an element of personal and educational development - my main passion. 

But seriously, I love to have as much fun as possible while working on crazy intense passion projects with equally as fun and passionate people. I am the coach. 

Laura Vanhanen

Superpowers: Unlimited energy and willpower to pave way for new ideas and innovative solutions. Know-how for match-making and connecting makers and doers.
A learning enthusiast, working for projects strengthening access to quality education in fragile contexts: refugee situations and developing countries. Gets inspired by experts who want to disrupt and develop current education system designs. Has a major crush on ideas & people promoting joyful and playful learning. Loves to spend time in nature. Let’s protect our winters.  

Jukka-Pekka Heikkilä | Nutty Professor (Koulu's Academic Advisor) 
"Mad science = best science" Superpowers: ideation and partying

Mad scientist who loves impossible projects, responsible for Koulu's academic research. Working in Aalto School of Business and as a post-doc and supported by the Royal Society and British Academy for his other fairly bizarre stuff. Seasonal nutty professor in North Korea where he did the first startup event 2016. 

Jami Sarnikorpi | Lightneer 
Superpowers: finding meaningful aspects to non-rational phenomena by systematic approach. Co-learning based on passion. Combining art and engineering.

Whether it be hands-on prototyping with bamboo in an Indian village or building a roller skate disco on an ancient island in China, I'm usually saying "yes" before limiting myself with mental barriers (like feasibility). Background in Design Factory Global Network brought me into many adventures, including this project. 

Elina Koivisto | Communications and fun
"Nothing is too insignificant to get excited about"

Superpowers include coming up and getting overly excited about new ideas  as well as getting other people motivated, organising workshops and good times for others, teaching and learning together, communicating and writing, making things happen through building and painting, 

Jegi Pekkala | Space captain
"There you go, givin' a fuck when it ain't your turn to give a fuck."

Skills include design, tacit understanding, outsider art, simplifying to the point of stupidity, diy stalinesque kit

Jemina Viitala | Learning wonderland facilitator
"If life gives you lemons, make lemonade!" 

Looking for adventure? Need to get something done? Craving for more glitter in your life? This girl can change your rainy day into a beach party. Best partner in crime if you need to get organized and do it fast!

Ville-Kalle "VK" "Veco" Arponen | Brainstormtrooper
"Get up Trinity!"

Skills include outside the box thinking, intentional misunderstanding, fixing things and problems, experimental chef, games

Deanna Marie Awesomeness | Intellectual Mechanic
"Where did I leave my unicorn?"

Fixer of issues, skills include step by step awareness and a high affinity for giggles. Perfect for cooking, watering hippies, creating budgets, pulling wagons. 

Sebastian Nemeth | Nocturnal Technovore
"Empty your mind. Be shapeless. Formless. Like water. You put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a pot, it becomes the pot. Now water can drip or creep or flow or crash. Be like water, my friend."

Skills include webtech (full stack, front & back), brand strategy, armchair psychology, climbing high things, celebrating fine whiskies.

File 23.8.2016 17.12.39.jpeg

Roope Mokka

Roope from Demos Helsinki is one of the co-founders of Koulu School researching and creating the concept as well as running the first experiment in a derelict mental institution. Likes dancing, talking, and meeting people.


Kati Laakso 
"The only interesting answers are those that destroy the question." - Susan Sontag

Endless analyser, dreamer, believer, curious doer. Always trying to see the flip side of the coin. Excitement, adventure, and spiritual, generous people make me happy. 
Skills: behavioural, pr/communications, discipline when needed. In love with social media. Sucker for beauty. Trying to change the world one good deed at a time.


Peter Tapio | Special Specialist
“I thought, since I’m not going this year, that helping out with this project would be the perfect opportunity to do all the interesting things with none of the stress of deadlines.”

Superpowers: creating confusingly awesome analogies of complex or abstract issues.

Background in product development and all kinds of engineering, but also makes art. In the projects, building helpful gadgets and customising the lighting as well as helping out with structures, building and sourcing materials.


Elina Arponen | Heatseeker
"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... It's about learning to dance in the rain"

Skills include organizing, connecting dots and people, mind over matter, games, pitching


Essi Nisonen | Aestheticist
"Reality is frequently inaccurate"

Skills include turning everything unaesthetic into aesthetic, radical ideation, design thinking, selling ideas & concepts, writing novels and never getting them published.

Julia Uusoksa
Being a teacher, my super power is obviously knowing everything... or knowing, like Socrates, that I know nothing. 

I'm Julia, an obsessive-compulsive-happy-go-lucky-forever-21, who ups the ante from chit chat to the meaning of life and the secrets of the universe in a heartbeat. We're all on a life long path of learning from our mistakes and correcting them; pouncing, falling and getting up again; meeting super heroes of their own respective fields and acquiring new knowledge and skills from them. Everyone can be a teacher. Teaching is a contribution. Contribution is fulfillment. 


Pietari Purovaara | The guy who photographs everything
”I’m a rooster illusion” 

Skills include seeing the world and all of you guys in awesome photographs – and therefore making everything to look freaking amazing in photos, getting and not getting all kinds of stuff done