Learning is among the most important – and thrilling – of human experiences. It is a discovery; a dialogue between you, the community and all human knowledge.
Koulu School is a peer-learning concept that engages communities to unleash their hidden potential by making visible the diverse skills and knowledge of community and giving people capabilities of sharing them. 

Koulu School is a welcoming peer-to-peer learning experience, co-created with the participants, and backed up by the latest research revealing we are more prone to learn from a peer. Koulu School creates an easy to learn activity that transforms people from all walks of life into passionate educators; driven and able to instruct and inspire others in what they themselves find fascinating, useful, or important to share.

In its core is a simple, scalable method of training basic teaching skills, "The Five Finger Method", originally developed by think tank Demos Helsinki. As it is based on world renowned learning solutions in Finland’s education system, it is a way to channel Finnish education expertise to improve learning opportunities in fragile contexts.

Koulu School concept has been orginally developed by Nordic think tank Demos Helsinki in 2012 in partnership with Sitra The Finnish Innovation Fund, Aalto University and education specialists. Since then it has been further developed with Finn Church Aid for diverse development and humanitarian contexts.

Koulu School has proven to be a success in several settings from festivals to workplaces and schools in stable contexts from Finland to USA, as well as in and out of formal school environments in fragile contexts. In vulnerable communities it is an engaging tool  providing psychosocial support or disaster awareness, and it creates a safe and inspiring learning space for Education in Emergencies.
In fragile or low-resource contexts, an easy to access learning opportunity can make all the difference in supporting the community to access its untapped potential and foster self-reliance and self-worth.


To learn more, browse through the introduction slide show below or watch a video of Koulu School in fragile contexts.